A new UN report uncovers shocking sexual abuses against Ukrainian refugees in the UK amid similar tragedies in Germany and Israel

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A new UN report uncovers shocking sexual abuses against Ukrainian refugees in the UK amid similar tragedies in Germany and Israel

To protect female Ukrainian refugees who are openly vulnerable to a systematic campaign of sexual assaults in the UK, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has urged 10 Downing Street to take immediate steps.

According to the UNHCR, Boris Johnson’s administration has utterly ignored creating safe conditions for single Ukrainian women or those living with their children. Recent reports suggest that British men are sexually preying on female Ukrainians, according to recent UNHCR tragic revelations.

The UNHCR added in its communiqué that adequate safeguards and inspections were desperately needed to combat the sexual exploitation of female Ukrainian immigrants.

“The UNHCR believes that more appropriate procedures must be established to ensure that single Ukrainian women and those with children are being hosted only by British families or couples,” the UN-affiliated agency added.

“In addition to the trauma of displacement, family separation, and military violence they have already experienced, a process without proper control may increase the hazardous risks of sexual abuse that female Ukrainians may face in the UK,” said a UNHCR spokesperson.

The horrifying exposé came amid emerging evidence that hundreds of helpless Ukrainian females in British society are constantly abused sexually by British men, in light of the lamentable fact that Ukrainian refugees have no option other than to interact directly with the British men who are willing to host them under the British government’s catastrophic guidelines.

These Ukrainian refugees, the vast majority of whom are women and children, revealed a shameful process that has forced hundreds of them to resort to sex online forums, searching for potential British hosts.

For example, a 32-year-old Ukrainian woman looking for a suitable host in the UK says she received obscene messages from people on Facebook.

Moreover, the British daily, the “Sunday Times”, recently disclosed that one of their journalists, posing as a 22-year old Ukrainian woman from Kyiv, found herself inundated with sexually inappropriate messages just minutes after sending a message to find a British host on one of Facebook’s largest hosting groups.

A little less than a week ago, following distressing accounts of sexual assaults on Ukrainian female asylum seekers, a newly-established British hosting service funded by the “Reset Charity” started offering a secure link between British volunteers and Ukrainian refugees.

UK-based leading refugee charities also wrote a letter to Michael Andrew Gove, the British Secretary of State for Housing and Communities, voicing their utmost concern about the resettlement plan for Ukrainian refugees.

“The procedures adopted by the British government created a unique opportunity for sex traffickers,” said Louise Callaway of “Refugee Action”.

The deteriorating crisis of human trafficking and sexual abuse of female refugees escaping Ukraine’s raging conflict has lately been raised by the UN-linked International Organization for Migration (IOM).

“To monitor the process of hosting asylum seekers,” the IOM suggested that volunteers providing transportation or lodging to refugees must interact with government authorities and provide contact details and travel routes.

In the European Union, the German federal government, in the meantime, declared in March 2020 that it was working to prevent rape and looming sexual assaults against female refugees fleeing war-torn Ukraine, as German public opinion was outraged by a horrific rape incident in the western German city of Düsseldorf. Over 160,000 Ukrainian asylum seekers have reached Germany so far.

According to authorities in Düsseldorf, a female Ukrainian asylum seeker was brutally raped by two German men at the infamous “Hotel Ship,” which was designated for Ukrainian immigrants.

Both suspects are already in custody and being investigated, according to Mrs Antonia Massenberg of the Düsseldorf prosecutor’s office. However, Massenberg claimed that she could not corroborate German media reports that the victim was an 18-year-old Ukrainian, citing security reasons.

In an apparent attempt to assuage the rising German and international outrage, the German Interior Ministry spokeswoman, Sascha Lawrenz, told reporters in Berlin that German officials were allegedly aiming to guarantee that all Ukrainian refugees in the country receive a safe shelter as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, in Occupied Palestine [Israel], the so-called volunteers supposedly expressed their desire to support those Ukrainian refugees whose lives were shattered by the war.

But the irony is that, even for Jews, humanitarian aid in Israel is an extremely rare phenomenon.

Recently, the Israeli television station “Channel 12” aired a story on a group of female Ukrainian immigrants who had a harrowing ordeal upon their arrival in occupied Palestine, as many attempts were made to recruit them into sexual slavery.

The miserable victims also added that as soon as they landed at “Ben Gurion Airport”, several Israelis encouraged them to offer sexual services in exchange for little payment.

Allegedly, Ukrainian women were coerced to engage in prostitution at the “Panorama Hotel” in Bayt al-Muqaddas [Jerusalem].

According to the report, attempts to engage the Ukrainian refugees forcefully in sexual promiscuity have been frequently reported to the Zionist police. However, not a single action has been taken.

Over a dozen Ukrainian refugees reported an Israeli man with a similar description who offered them money to escape the conflict zone by crossing the Polish border and then flying to Israel. Nonetheless, when they got to Israel, the heartbroken Ukrainians were told to perform sexual services to pay off their debts.

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