Algeria: Israel already doubled?

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Algeria: Israel already doubled?

Let us say it frankly: In Algeria the hot files of the moment would not be necessarily this vast operation clean hand that the president Tebboun announced and which touches invariably the apparatus of the power and the national army and which aims especially to give again to the Algerian lambda the confidence in these leaders.

This burning news would not be either this relational boom which dynamizes since now several months the economic and political links of Algiers with its Sahelian neighbors and this with in filigree all that it comprises as military and political effect marked especially by an army of occupation Barkhane to the begging to which the Algerian sky is closed and against which a Mali-Algeria-Russia alliance is formed. A closer look at the situation shows that the observer should not be surprised if he learns that a Sonatrach tanker in charge of oil has just delivered gasoline to Morocco despite the suspension of the Algeria/Morocco gas pipeline, because it was known from the beginning that Algerians and Moroccans might get into trouble, but that they would never go so far as to kill each other for the sake of the Yankees or the Israelis, or to break up definitively, since the Brothers never turn their backs. Where then is the shock and the unexpected? Well, in this maritime link that Algeria has just established with Mauritania.

A Geneva-based news site reported that Algeria and Mauritania have decided to build a maritime line to facilitate trade between the two countries.

The site “Agence Ecofin” revealed in a note: “Although Algeria has common borders with Mauritania, 20% of products manufactured in Algeria are imported to the neighboring country via the soil of other African countries.

And the agency added;

Following the visit of the Mauritanian president to Algeria, carried out from 27 to 29 December and the signing of an important agreement between the two countries in the field of transport, on the construction of a road network of 775 km, the Algerian president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, has ordered the Minister of Transport to facilitate the project to build a shipping line between the two countries

What is surprising is that imports of Algerian products in Mauritania, including “building materials, food products, packaging materials, sometimes pass through some ports on the other side of the Mediterranean and can take several months (instead of a few days) to arrive in Nouakchott” “The opening of this line should give a boost to economic cooperation and trade between the two neighboring countries.

According to the same source, the opening of this shipping line has another important advantage for the two neighboring countries: it connects the market of West African countries to that of the Maghreb countries, given that Mauritania has a border with Senegal.

This is the astonishing capacity for anticipation that Algeria has shown ever since the US/Israel axis sought to impose itself on it according to its own rules. For Algeria, which shares land borders with Mauritania, a maritime link would be less of a necessity than an intelligently concocted plan in relation to the geostrategic upheaval that the Maghreb is experiencing because of the Israeli infiltration that the Algerians have managed with a masterful hand and with a very sharp geostrategic intelligence. For Algiers only foresees the day when drones and Israeli F-16s widely stationed in Morocco seek, as in the case of the murder of three Algerians in Tindouf, to cut off by force the flow of weapons to the allies of the Polisario Front, much as they do or believe they do in the Levant in the face of the Iran-Hezbollah axis. It’s subtle and far-sighted, like the electronic warfare devices that Israel has just bought from the Chinese in order to stop any hostile flight towards its skies, a bit like Syria, which has installed them in its south, influencing military flights in Israel’s own sky. Too much similarity with the Resistance? Of course. The Algerians are early Resistance fighters.

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