Algeria will rearm Palestine?

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Algeria will rearm Palestine?

Algeria will go further in its support for Palestine

“The Arab League expresses its absolute support for the Palestinian cause…” Extracting these few words from an Arab world from which the Zionist entity has for more than two years constantly made Palestine completely forgotten, via the agonizing process of normalization even if they remain at the verb stage, it is not at all a small victory especially when the crown prince Bin Salmane, from whom a large part of the guests claim to be, chooses to be absent at the top from Algiers preferring to celebrate Halloween at home than to come and talk about Palestine. This pro-Palestinian victory is all the more bitter as the Palestinian Resistance in the West Bank has just, like its brothers in Gaza who buried Netanyahu in 2021, to bury the Lapid-Gantz duo after more than a year. of battle which began in Gilbao prison and which is still continuing, the very last episode being daily anti-Israeli commando operations, a hundred, every three and four days, in Ramallah, in Janine, in Nablus, in Quds busy among other things. By the way, at the Algiers summit, if Syria decided by mutual agreement with Algeria not to be present in order not to divide, it was because Palestine came before any other priority, not only for Syria, whose MAE in visit to Tehran promises nice surprises to the entity but also for Algeria which succeeded without firing a single bullet to make the Maghreb, priority target of the Zionist project called “Greater Middle East” a real trap for Israel. Even though the entity believed it could act through Rabat against Algeria by implanting its drones and its officers in Western Sahara, it suddenly found itself face to face with a “terrifying” reality: the Gaza-Algiers alliance. This means very clearly that the current developments in Palestine where the Resistance is in the midst of a war against the Zionist entity would henceforth involve Algiers much more deeply than what has been so far. Is the Algiers summit where Algeria imposed itself with all its weight alongside Palestine a declaration of war against Israel? Or, what comes to the same thing, will Algeria support the Palestinian Resistance militarily? Note that the time is more than opportune for such assistance to take place: The Terrorist Netanyahu is back in the West Bank having liquidated the Lapid-Gantz duo during the last Zionist legislative; the process of the militarization of the West Bank having been completed, “Ten of the Lions” became the symbol of a Palestinian army united and capable of smashing the army and even the Zionist air force. An Algeria militarily committed alongside Palestine is also an Algerian army whose budget is rising sharply for 2023 and which is preparing to sign a military contract with Russia worth 12 billion dollars. The totality of this sum would be intended for the acquisitions and the modernization of the Algerian arsenal.

Is Algeria about to put on the table an “export” of its armed power? Certainly the Sahel and more particularly Mali where the western camp is in disarray would be delighted to have to cooperate with the ANP. But Palestine too. Because Zionist expansion in the Maghreb must be fought in the West Bank.

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