Analysis: Extremist Zionist parties in Netanyahu’s coalition pose a threat to Israel’s diplomatic and military relations with the United States

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Analysis: Extremist Zionist parties in Netanyahu’s coalition pose a threat to Israel’s diplomatic and military relations with the United States

The preliminary results of the Israeli Knesset have been announced for about two weeks, but controversy regarding the political composition of the next administration has not abated.

Since the alliance of fanatical Zionist movements led by Ben Gower and Smotrich won fourteen seats in the elections and now has grand ambitions that could significantly alter Tel Aviv’s military and security agendas, the presence of a large number of ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties has already complicated the formation of the current Knesset.

In recent days, the first signs of extremist Jewish parties’ rising power and audacity have emerged. Itamar Ben Guer, who attended the memorial service for “Meir Kahane,” faced strong condemnation for his participation by the United States.

A notorious American-born Orthodox rabbi, Kahane, founded a terrorist group called the “Jewish Defense League (JDL),” which launched horrible assaults on Palestinian civilians. Kahane was incarcerated several times by the Zionist security forces, but he was shortly released each time.

He also ran in the Israeli elections with the “Kach” party. Nevertheless, since 1994, their activities have been outlawed and designated as a terrorist groups.

According to political commentators, Ben Gower, who has a history of affiliation with “Kahanism” gangs such as Kach, is on the same path as Meir Kahane but with greater political savvy. During the funeral ceremony for his infamous mentor, Ben Gower said, “It is no secret that I do not agree with all of Kahane’s ideologies today.”

“I am not in favour of deporting all Arabs, but I am in favour of expelling terrorists.” A number of audience members booed in response to his remarks.

Following this episode, Ben Gower commended Kahane in a few remarks, much to the delight of his supporters. Of course, Ben Gower forgot that, although Kahane did not advocate the expulsion of all Arabs in his book, “They Must Go!,” he wanted to make the Arabs who remained in occupied territories, second-class citizens.

In reaction to Ben Gower’s participation at the Kahane memorial service, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said, “Celebrating the legacy of a terrorist organisation is abhorrent.” There is no other word for it. It is abhorrent.”

Meanwhile, another senior member of the ultra-Orthodox movement, Smotrich, has recently been at the centre of controversy. On the eve of the anniversary of the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Smotrich made a fiery speech in which he blamed the Shin Bet, the Israeli regime’s internal security service, for inciting Yigal Amir to carry out the assassination. Many Israelis were outraged by Smotrich’s statements.

After a few hours, Smotrich called Yigal Amir a murderer and said his words had been taken out of context. He did, however, attack Shin Bet once more.

Ben Gower, with his more moderate outlook, is not likely to endorse Smotrich’s extreme position on Yigal Amir. Historians, however, claim that the names of Ben Gower, Amir, and Robin are all associated.

In 1995, several protestors assaulted Robin’s Cadillac. The next hour, a young guy brandishing a Cadillac badge told the cameras, “This time, we got to Robin’s vehicle; next time, we will get to Robin himself.”

A few weeks later, Robin was assassinated. Later, Yigal Amir informed the assassination investigation panel that he had understood Ben Gower’s intention to assassinate Rabin himself. It is also worth noting that Ben Gower has made multiple attempts to release Amir over the past years.

According to what has been said, Netanyahu’s foreign policy would undergo substantial shifts due to his coalition’s new extremist members. Suppose Netanyahu succumbs to the aggressive and warlike ideas of politicians like Ben Gower. In that case, he will not only lose the support of the White House, but he will also alienate Russia, further straining already tense relations between the Zionist regime and Moscow following the annexation of Crimea.

Just as the US and Europe excoriated Russia’s special military action in Ukraine, which faced the United Nations’ condemnation, the Zionists refused to denounce Russia’s military movement in Eastern Europe to the extent that their refusal to join the unanimous western front against Moscow surprised US officials. In response to the escalating situation, Moscow and Tel Aviv have allegedly set up a coded-line telephone to thwart Americans from eavesdropping on their communications. It seems that Netanyahu wants to maintain the status quo with the Kremlin. However, the new Zionist administration’s combination of chauvinistic and extremist factions will complicate relations between Moscow and Tel Aviv.

Furthermore, the support of the United States, which has always contributed to Tel Aviv’s military superiority, will diminish with the amelioration of relations between Russia and the Zionist regime since both Netanyahu and his clique in the Likud party, as well as his new coalition, have essential differences with the Biden administration. It can be surmised that the Zionist regime is currently in a gloomy state of impending disintegration and internal collapse, given the formidable regional and international crises that overwhelm it.

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