Arbaeen march: the worldwide justice and struggle against the tyranny and global imperialism

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Arbaeen march: the worldwide justice and struggle against the tyranny and global imperialism

The annual Arbaeen procession is regarded as a symbol of endurance in the path of religion. Through the Arbaeen march, pilgrims sustain the hardships of this spiritual journey to appreciate and somewhat understand the anguish of the martyrs of Karbala and the Prophet Muhammad’s household [PBUT] during their captivity in the Levant.
Arbaeen march can be interpreted as a revolutionary movement through the prism of different cultures and ideologies, and it also viewed the immortality of Imam Hussein’s epic and his fortitude against tyranny until his martyrdom.
Participation in the Arbaeen march by adherents of all faiths and beliefs would undoubtedly foster the spirit of resistance against oppressive governments.
Therefore, the Arbaeen pilgrimage represents a perpetual campaign against the enemies of God and a form of political-religious movement, the effect of which is far more massive than any military might.
Combating global imperialism is a core principle of true Islam. The Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran, led by the late Imam Khomeini, and the subsequent formation of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah have the same cause.
Imperialist countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Zionist regime are terrified by Islamic unity and tenacity in the face of their aggression and hubris.
As far as one can tell, fighting against imperialism and its lackeys has permeated the hearts of every Muslim and developed a deeply ingrained culture among Islamic nations.
The Imperialists’ primary objective has always been to create schisms between Islamic nations. Furthermore, they aim to demonise Islam and Muslims by promoting Islamophobia and distorting Islamic principles through the media.
In opposition to the West’s machinations, the Islamic world has produced a magnificent force, the Arbaeen ritual, to counter American imperialism’s attempts to subjugate the Muslim countries.
In addition to this, the Arbaeen procession can be seen as a great manifestation of unity and solidarity among all Muslims, Shiites, and Sunnis.
The presence of millions of Muslims, both Shia, and Sunni, displays the high capacity of the Arbaeen procession to bring the Islamic sects closer together and foil the enemies’ plots to create discord between Muslims. Therefore, in the Arbaeen great movement, nationality, race, and ethnicity have no meaning.
Thus, the globe is enamoured with Islam because of the large number of Muslims who attended this massive religious gathering.
It should also be noted that the participation in the great Arbaeen conference is not only for Shiites, but adherents of other religions also participate in this divine ritual, therefore there is a unique opportunity to propagate the ideals of Imam Hussein (AS) at the international scale.
At this immense congregation, millions of Ahl al-Bayt’s (PBUH) devotees will spread their message to the world. A message to all the people of the world that they should prepare for the awaited One, the Saviour of mankind who will establish his universal government based on justice and other heavenly virtues.
On the basis of this premise, it is reasonable to conclude that the Arbaeen procession, which is attended by people of all faiths and nations, directly contributes to the establishment of the Utopian government led by the Promised Mahdi (A.S.). Consequently, the Western media consistently refuses to cover the Arbaeen march, despite the massive participation of millions Nevertheless, the crucial messages of Arbaeen have been disseminated to the whole globe in recent years, and the number of individuals who walk from Najaf to Karbala each year continues to rise despite all the efforts to diminish the splendour of this magnificent movement.

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