Biden extends state of emergency for Syria

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Biden extends state of emergency for Syria

In continuation of his interventionist policy in the affairs of other countries, the US President extended the state of emergency of this country in relation to Syria.The extension of the US state of emergency over Syria comes at a time when the Arab League agreed this week to return Damascus to the League. According to AAA, the White House announced in a statement that Joe Biden would extend the Syrian state of emergency for another year.

Repeating the baseless allegations, the White House said the threats were caused by "the Syrian government's actions in support of terrorism, the continued occupation of Lebanon, the implementation of missile programs and weapons of mass destruction, and the weakening of American and international efforts to establish stability and reconstruction in Iraq."

In response to Syria's return to the Arab League, U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel, expressing Washington's anger and fear of regional developments, said Damascus did not deserve re-entry into the Arab League.The return of Syria to the League of Arab States is considered a step in line with the collective movement of Arab countries to normalize relations with Damascus after the failure of the joint project of the Western Arab coalition led by the United States to overthrow the Syrian government and Bashar al-Assad.

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