Biden limits lobster fishing, then serves 200 to Macron

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Biden limits lobster fishing, then serves 200 to Macron

WASHINGTON-A lot of controversy erupted over a dish served to Macron.

The lobster that ended up on the menu at the state dinner between Biden and Macron was accompanied not only by caviar and pumpkin ravioli, but also by plenty of controversy.

Maine fishermen, normally enthusiastic about White House requests, are instead furious at the president’s decision to serve lobster at a time when the government is pushing for passage of federal regulations that would limit its production.

“If Biden can prioritize buying 200 Maine lobsters for a fancy dinner, he should also take the time to meet with the farmers his administration is currently putting out of business,” tweeted Maine Democratic Representative Jared Golden.

Frustration is unanimous among Maine politicians, who have come together to combat what they see as an existential threat to one of the state’s major industries and its cultural symbols.

“This is an issue on which our federal delegation and state legislators, regardless of political party or ideology, are united,” said Genevieve McDonald, a boat captain who served two terms as a Democrat in the House of Representatives representing a group of island communities. “It’s not just about our economy, it’s about our identity.”

Whole Foods announced last month that it will stop selling them, despite longtime ranchers saying they are proud of their sustainability and claiming concerns are misplaced.


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