China-US, war is not just fantasy: "Global unsustainable disaster"

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China-US, war is not just fantasy: "Global unsustainable disaster"

There is high tension between China and the United States. The Chinese defense accuses the United States and Canada of "deliberately causing risks" after the near collision in the Taiwan Strait between the destroyer USS Chung-Hoon, in transit together with the Canadian naval unit Hmcs Montreal, and a warship Chinese. Yet on the other side, threats are not accepted.

For Washington, in fact, the Chinese ship carried out maneuvers approaching the bow twice, forcing the American ship to slow down to avoid the collision. The "dangerous maneuvers" of the Chinese ship were nothing more than an act to avoid "future provocations", Beijing minister Li Shangfu replied at that point according to which China has no problems with the "innocent passages" of ships in the Strait of Taiwan. But there is a however: "But we must prevent attempts that try to use this freedom of navigation, these innocent passages, in exercises of navigational hegemony", he added, inviting the US and its allies to focus on "taking care of their own space air and its territorial waters".

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