Could Donald Trump defeat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the presidential election in 2024?

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Could Donald Trump defeat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the presidential election in 2024?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had political repercussions for President Biden and his party, the US economy has been in a crisis for a long time and has lasted longer than expected. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), essential products like meat and fuel have grown in price across the United States; some basic food supplies have doubled in price, while national gasoline prices have hit $ 3.32 per gallon. In its first year, the Biden administration has faced challenges in border regions with Mexico. According to a CNN study, 69 per cent of Americans believe the country is in bad condition, putting Biden’s political future in jeopardy as surveys show his popularity declining. Aside from the current bleak political atmosphere in the United States, the Democratic Party currently has a precarious majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, which might lead to a tight contest next year (which still has 13 months left). Democrats are anticipated to lose their majority in one or both of the legislative houses. The Democrats’ and President Biden’s failure to pass legislation has complicated matters significantly; as the Senate Democrats’ proposal to raise the federal debt ceiling was rejected this month. With the government partially shut down due to the pandemic, Democrats supported a bill to prevent further economic damage and resuscitate the US faltering economy. Republicans, on the other hand, claim that the plan is detrimental to the economy and that Democrats should handle the federal debt issue on their own, whilst Democrats counter that the bulk of the debt was accumulated under Donald Trump’s presidency. Analysts believe that if these squabbles continue, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in 2024, as well as Democrats’ hopes of gaining more seats in Congress in the upcoming midterm elections, will be compromised, especially after Trump criticised Biden’s performance at a rally in Iowa, claiming that “illegal immigration is taking over our borders,” “China is taking over our jobs,” and Democrats are pushing for a $3.5 trillion “socialist” plan. In reaction to rising US inflation, Trump slammed Biden for keeping US military equipment in Afghanistan after US troops left, calling the decision the country’s biggest mistake in history. Even though Trump has not yet confirmed his candidacy for the 2024 US presidential election, tens of thousands of Trump fans chanted last year’s election slogan, “We will restore America’s greatness again and again.”

In light of the Democrats’ recent setbacks, Trump’s fiery speeches have become even more problematic for Biden’s team.

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