Forming another ISIS in Ukraine? Efforts underway to deploy US-backed terrorists from Syria to Ukraine

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Forming another ISIS in Ukraine? Efforts underway to deploy US-backed terrorists from Syria to Ukraine

For the last six months, Moscow has reiterated that it intends to permanently liquidate all the neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine to ensure its geopolitical security.
Since the first Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Kyiv has proclaimed that it would welcome foreign mercenaries to stave off Moscow’s special military campaign. In response, the beleaguered Ukrainian President, Zelenskyy, formed the “International Legion of Territorial Defence of Ukraine” and revoked visas for the so-called volunteers.
Meanwhile, with their sordid record, the Takfiri terrorists, notorious for exploiting any chaotic situation to resume their atrocious crimes, such as those involved in northern Syria and the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, were immediately deployed to Ukraine following the outbreak of hostilities.
In the wake of the raging conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces, the CIA breathed new life into ISIS’ lifeless carcass, as Washington regards the current turmoil in Ukraine as the best opportunity to resurrect the Saudi-backed radical terrorists who were nearly deracinated in Iraq and Syria.
It simply means that Washington did not desist from its practice of utilising terrorists as payloads for its long-term, overarching objectives.
Prior to the Ukrainian conflict, the United States embraced the dangerous strategy of supporting the armed insurgents in Syria in 2011, vying to overthrow the Syrian government and undermine the Iranian-led Axis of Resistance.
Regarding Iraq, Washington has adopted a similar approach, and the Iraqi Army and Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) have repeatedly warned about the US support for ISIS terror cells and their transfer to other potential flashpoints.
In Afghanistan, Washington adhered to its usual but never-old tactic, leaving the war-ravaged nation under the mercy of ISIS terrorists to attack the ethnic minorities, further destabilising the country and stoking tensions between Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries.
The comments made by prominent politicians close to the power centres in Washington, DC, who advocate supporting neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine and replicating the CIA’s infamous “Operation Cyclone”—which was implemented in Afghanistan, ultimately resulting in the inception of al-Qaeda—, can offer us a glimpse of the future and a vivid premonition of looming catastrophes.
On the other hand, the increase in terrorist groups’ operations in Ukraine would represent a grave security threat to the Middle East, alarming nations such as Iran, Iraq, and Syria. In this regard, Tehran believes that the Americans are to blame for the Ukraine conflict with Russia, as they have increased NATO’s military buildup and encroached rapidly along Russia’s western frontiers.
Considering Kyiv’s close ties to the Zionist regime and the fact that the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine would only afflict innocent Ukrainian civilians and worsen the security situation in Eurasia, it is evident that Iran will never back the fascist regime of Zelenskyy, all but a marionette of NATO’s perfidious schemes.
Hence, it can be assumed that one of the reasons that Tehran has taken an anti-Kyiv stance is its sincere desire for an immediate cessation of hostilities, ending the humanitarian tragedy and also putting a stop to the frightening surge of Takfiri groups’ activities.

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