Frequent threats of assassination and sanctions by US officials

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Frequent threats of assassination and sanctions by US officials

General Soleimani was constantly threatened with assassination by US officials and the Zionist regime. Last year, US State Department officials accused General Soleimani of collaborating with Syrian security forces during protests in the country and cracking down on Bashar al-Assad's opponents, following which the US Treasury Department sanctioned the martyred commander.

After the repetition of Qassem Soleimani's name in the world media, AFP published a news item that revealed the possibility of his assassination by the US government. According to the report, Jack Kane, former commander of the US Army, who was present at the US congressional hearing, referring to the assassination plan of Iranian officials, especially senior officials of the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said: "Why not kill them? They have killed nearly a thousand Americans, so why not deliberately assassinate them? I am not saying that we should take military action, I suggest that we carry out secret operations. We have to put a lot of pressure on them."

Roy Mark Gritch, an expert at the Institute for the Defense of Democracy, said: They do not have as much logic as we do, I do not think you can intimidate them without killing one of them. Qasim Soleimani travels a lot, go and arrest him or kill him! According to AFP, in the continuation of this statement, some American representatives stated that we do not consider any action on Iran far from our minds, but they refused to agree with Jack Kane's statements

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