Greece rejects migrants at sea

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Greece rejects migrants at sea

Children, women and men, first loaded onto a bus on the island of Lesbos, then taken onto a Greek Coast Guard ship and then abandoned on a rubber dinghy set adrift in the Aegean. The shocking video was published exclusively by the New York Times and shows the odyssey of a group of 12 migrants dating back to April. The video of the migrant boat sent adrift was taken by an Austrian activist who then shared it with the American newspaper. The New York Times tracked down and spoke to 11 of the migrants - from Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea - at a detention center in Izmir, Turkey. Many were still wearing the same clothes they had in the video. Among them was also a six-month-old baby. The migrants said they were forced onto a rubber dinghy and sent adrift. The use of these motorless inflatables had been documented in the past, but the Greek authorities have always denied having left migrants on board.

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