“Hello Commander”: Why should an Iranian religious song infuriate Zionists and their allies?

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“Hello Commander”: Why should an Iranian religious song infuriate Zionists and their allies?


On Thursday, May 26th, hundreds of thousands of Iranian children and teenagers, accompanied by their families, assembled at the Azadi [Freedom in Persian] Stadium in Tehran to collectively sing the hymn “Hello Commander,” in honour of the long-awaited Imam Mahdi [meaning the Rightly Guided One].

At that apocalyptic time, according to Islamic traditions, Imam Mahdi, the 12th revered Shia Imam, would re-emerge from his occultation alongside Jesus Christ to rule the world with justice and peace, heralding a divine civilisation and salvation from all manifestations of oppression.

On the anniversary of Imam Mehdi’s birth, March 18, 2022, “Hello Commander,” an epic hymn composed for children and teenagers, first aired on national television. Since then, the song’s popularity has steadily increased among youngsters and their parents. According to local media, the 100,000-seat Azadi Stadium was fully packed with enthusiastic spectators. Interestingly, the online registration service was shut down three days before the “Hello Commander” family gathering owing to high demand.

Many social analysts interpreted the unprecedented turnout as a strong indicator of the Islamic Republic’s massive popularity. Furthermore, it demonstrated that the new Iranian generations had initiated the revitalisation of their political system, gained by the martyrdom of thousands of Iranian soldiers who had sacrificed everything to ensure Iran’s liberty and independence.

The dramatic event at Azadi Stadium unequivocally highlights that the 1979 Islamic Revolution continues to advance by upholding and adhering to its objectives.

Today, the new Iranian generations showed that they have assumed the role of the flagbearers of the 1979 movement. This historic turnout does not imply that different Iranian administrations have not made mistakes over the last 44 years; rather, the presence of such large participants shows that the Iranians, as the true owners of the Islamic Republic, are committed to correcting past errors while never abandoning the persistent defence of their revolution.

Disinformation campaigns by Western media to influence the Iranian nation, which has hoisted the banner of liberty and continues to follow the Awaited Imam Mahdi [may God hasten his reappearance], have reached a dead-end.

“Hello Commander” was a powerful display of solidarity and unity by the Iranian nation against the Yankees’ malign activities, as they admitted that young Iranian revolutionaries would soon provide a devastating answer to their state-sponsored terrorism.

The 26th of May immortal epic at Azadi Stadium confirmed the insightful words of the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, that the Iranian revolution’s exponential growth, which transcends all geographical boundaries, is far greater than its supposedly diminishing support.

Therefore, the pressing issue at this juncture to focus on is the need to overcome the vicissitudes of politics.

It is possible that a certain degree of decline has occurred among the ranks of once-dedicated revolutionaries in Iran, like all social movements witnessing, at some time or another, the departure of their former participants.

However, those who witnessed the 26th of May national epic, if they have no predisposition or prejudice, will undoubtedly acknowledge the eminence of this revolutionary evolution, which would inevitably outweigh the small numbers of the revolution’s disloyal backers.

When one takes into consideration the landmark gathering that took place at Azadi Stadium to make supplication to the Lord and sing a hymn for the beloved Imam Mahdi, along with the growing numbers of mosque attendees and the formation of hundreds of volunteer groups to participate in the construction of underprivileged areas across the country, one can discern the miracle that the Islamic revolution has accomplished in terms of raising the level of spirituality in flourishing Iranian society.

Against this backdrop, the counter-revolutionary forces are fulminating against the May 26th epic, as their ceaseless efforts should not have resulted in the Azadi Stadium’s massive assembly after decades of spending millions of dollars, establishing dozens of dissident media outlets spreading fake news against the Islamic Republic.

Anti-Iran forces are currently perplexed when confronted with an emerging generation that not only conforms to the Islamic Republic’s beliefs but also seems more motivated to develop a greater, more prosperous, and more powerful Iran. So it is natural that the very political villains who propagate the abusive and sacrilegious apostasy against Islam and the Islamic Republic seethe with anger vis-à-vis the massive gathering at Azadi Stadium.

In the wake of the building collapse catastrophe that occurred in the Iranian city of Abadan last Monday, the Zionists mobilised their political thugs to insidiously sow discord among the Iranian nation, comparing the Azadi Statidum’s joyful event with the anguish and grief of the people of Abadan.

In conclusion, the Iranian children’s religious choir at Azadi Stadium foiled all wicked plots concocted by Iran’s opponents, blowing their futile propaganda efforts in their faces. The Zionists’ dread increases as they realise that “Hello Commander” is not only chanted by Iranian kids but is also sung by children from other nations, such as Kashmiris, Nigerians, and Azerbaijanis.

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