Hezbollah drones proved that Israel is a paper tiger

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Hezbollah drones proved that Israel is a paper tiger

As the Iranian negotiation delegation resumes nuclear deliberations in Vienna, Hezbollah’s drone sends sirens and panic over northern Occupied Palestine

According to the Zionist military, on Friday, the Zionist regime’s anti-aerial system launched an Iron Dome interceptor missile at a Lebanese advanced unmanned aircraft (UAV) that attempted to enter Occupied Palestine from Lebanon, but it was unsuccessful.

As a consequence of the infiltration and abjectly unsuccessful interception operations, air raid sirens sounded across broad swaths of northern Occupied Palestine.

The Zionist regime’s army said it sent fighter aircraft and attack helicopters to shoot down Hezbollah’s UAV, but it was unable to do so. These unravelling developments in northern Israel come as Iran and international powers continue nuclear talks in Vienna, clearly indicating that Iran wants to have the upper hand in any future nuclear deal.

“From Lebanese territory, a Hezbollah drone was observed flying into Israel [Occupied Palestine].” When the drone arrived in our vicinity, detection devices were unable to track its flight path. “Helicopters and fighter aircraft were alerted,” the Zionist military claimed in a statement. “An Iron Dome interceptor was fired without success, and home front sirens were sounded.”

According to the statement, the drone was returned safely to Lebanon after roughly 40 minutes.

Hezbollah’s drone was of the “glider” kind, according to the Zionist regime’s army, although it did not specify the exact model.

The illegal Zionist settlements in the Galilee and the lower Golan Heights, including Rosh Pina, Mishmar Hayarden, Kfar Hanasi, and others, were alarmed by the drone strike from Lebanon, according to the Zionist military.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, warned on Wednesday that the Iran-backed group has begun producing its own drones. “We’ve been building drones in Lebanon for a long time,” his illustrious said, “and anybody interested in getting one should put an order.”

 Both Lebanon and Zionist regime are formally at war, and both sides regularly breach the closely guarded border using drones. Last month, Mr. Nasrallah said that Lebanon’s capacity to shoot down Israeli drones had put an end to Israel’s regular unmanned border flights.

While Hezbollah, which is supported by Iran, flexes its muscles, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian warned at the Munich Security Conference that indirect talks between Tehran and the US might happen “at the earliest possible time” if the US takes the necessary political steps.

“I would want to emphasise here that we are ready to negotiate an acceptable solution as soon as practical,” Amirabdollahian said in a panel discussion.

He went on to say that establishing peace and security in the Middle East was possible with regional cooperation and “without foreign involvement.

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