How Biden averted catastrophic defeat

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How Biden averted catastrophic defeat

The 2022 US mid-term elections, which many have been eagerly anticipating for a long time, ended.

Contrary to all prognostications, they were similar to anything except the alleged Republicans’ “Red Tsunami” touted in recent months that could have become a footnote in US political history.

In contrast, most Democrats believed they could not survive the trials and tribulations of the election. Contrary to deteriorating economic situations, which were deemed Biden’s main Achilles’ heel, the Democrats managed to withstand the existential menace that Trump and his zealous supporters posed, injecting new hope into the beleaguered Biden administration.

Mid-term elections in the US: influencing factors

Elections in America are influenced by various factors, the most prominent of which are domestic problems concerning the country’s two major parties. Foreign affairs often tend to carry less weight in US elections.

The abysmal situation of America’s domestic economy is one of the most critical factors that directly impact the outcome of elections in America. In the period when Biden assumed the presidency, despite his diligent efforts, the economy did not enjoy fortunate conditions to the point where we once again see a grim economic outlook. Eight per cent inflation and $4 gasoline per litre were only a few reasons that undermined Biden’s performance in the financial domain.

Since the commencement of price hikes last summer, Republicans and Trump have lambasted Biden for the dramatic spike in inflation and its burden on American households. They also emphasized the financial crisis during the mid-term congressional elections.

The role of the abortion law on election outcomes

According to the Pew Research Center, abortion law was one of the most crucial topics in the 2022 Congressional election.

Abortion has just been declared illegal in some parts of the United States; hence, this critical topic became a motivating factor for citizens to go to the ballots, and vote in favour of Democrats. Many women’s rights advocates were perturbed that the controversial law would be used as a prelude to a nationwide and overwhelming prohibition by the Republican-dominated Congress.

There are numerous blunders in the record of the present American administration, disastrous mistakes that could be exceedingly costly for Biden and his party, which could result in a calamitous election drubbing.


Due to factors such as the high turnout of young people, Trump’s false support for the pugnacious white supremacist, and subjects such as abortion, made Biden to avoid earning the sobriquet “the biggest loser “of the election.

However, from now on, Biden’s task will be more arduous since he will no longer be able to easily ratify his diverse policies and economic programmes in the House of Representatives, which has a Republican majority.

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