Imam Hussein (AS): A paragon of sacrifice and justice-seeking for the entire humanity and societies

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Imam Hussein (AS): A paragon of sacrifice and justice-seeking for the entire humanity and societies

Indeed, every action performed along the God-ordained path has tremendous worth. He is aware of the number of human lives sacrificed at His altar, the riches spent in His service, and even the smallest endeavor done with devotion and sincerity for His cause.
Furthermore, the more arduous the sacrifice performed to God, the greater its reward. Thus, the theme of martyrdom and sacrifice is comparable to a divine dime, with unlimited celestial blessings on one side and lasting holy achievements on the other side.
The culture of sacrifice, as a sublime virtue, is among the most divine principles and fundamental precepts that a godly person may achieve in his life.
According to this premise, one of the most important responsibilities to be taken seriously is presenting, propagating, and promoting virtues like martyrdom throughout society, particularly among the younger generations.
Every Muslim must be vigilant to preserve and promote the notion of the ultimate sacrifice on this very day and in defiance of all the enemies of Islam who invariably seek to condescend to the underlying notion of martyrdom among Islamic societies.
As with other religious ideas, it is vital to define the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom in our Islamic nation.
It is every Muslim’s duty to adopt this strategy to cultivate the lofty virtue of martyrdom in society:
Having complete faith in God and the Day of the Resurrection and a monotheistic worldview.
Grasping the significance of martyrdom in Islamic doctrine.
Studying Islam’s noble and great martyrs and the consummate teacher of the divine value of martyrdom, Imam Hussain [PBUH].
When virtues such as martyrdom are ingrained in every community, it will bring many blessings, among which one can mention joyful life, spiritual progress, and a noble, honourable, and godly life. Based on these facts, pondering on the idea of martyrdom indicates that, along with the promotion of this culture, we can hope that many deviant behaviours and social disorders will be deracinated.
It should be acknowledged that even if the majority of the new generations were not raised with the culture of martyrdom and only a few of them were raised based on this enlightening path, this minority can easily regulate and thwart the spread of Western corruption.
In this regard, the Holy Quran says: “How many a small company has overcome a large company by the permission of Allah, and Allah is with the patient.” [2:249]

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