It is illegal to use Russian property to restore Ukraine

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It is illegal to use Russian property to restore Ukraine

Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib stressed that the use of blocked Russian assets in Western countries to restore Ukraine is unlawful. According to AAA News Agency, Lahabib, saying that using blocked Russian assets to restore Ukraine is an attractive idea, said: “Belgium has blocked a large number of Russian assets.”

The Belgian foreign minister added: “We have 50 billion euros worth of confiscated Russian property.” Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called the transfer to Ukraine of confiscated Russian assets or assets of Russian citizens theft. Ryabkov, denouncing the US plan to transfer confiscated Russian assets to Ukraine, added: “The country that claims to have the rule of law is now busy denying the rule of law.”

The European Union and its partners in the Group of Seven rich countries have confiscated nearly 300 billion euros ($311 billion) from Russia’s central bank reserves. Also, almost 19 billion euros of assets of Russian businessmen and business owners under sanctions were provided to the European Union. These estimates are not complete and these assets are in unknown and uncertain conditions and cannot be used or distributed at this time.

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