London and Paris refuse to officially receive the Saudi Crown Prince and this is why

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London and Paris refuse to officially receive the Saudi Crown Prince and this is why

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s international credibility has been seriously damaged in recent years, as the kingdom’s ambitious Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (commonly known as MBS) has foolishly pushed his hardline policies across the volatile Middle-East region. While MBS was successful in consolidating his power, he did so at the risk of the country’s prestige by attacking Yemen, the most impoverished Arab nation. MBS began a bloody conflict in Yemen described by the observers as the most blatant humanitarian tragedy in modern history. However, as the Yemeni resistance’s military might develops, MBS’ futile tactics have contributed to the PGCC’s decline, which previously highlighted Saudi Arabia’s strength and influence in the Persian Gulf. MBS launched his war in Yemen with the full support of the US and the Zionist regime, including military and intelligence assistance from the United Kingdom. Western Countries that supported Riyadh anticipated the Saudi regime to achieve an easy victory in Yemen, but the Saudi government’s setbacks infuriated those who supported MBS’ bellicose measures.

Despite Saudi officials’ best efforts to organize a formal visit by MBS to the UK and France, London and Paris have explicitly refused to welcome the flamboyant Saudi Crown Prince neither now nor in the near future, due to his notorious reputation as a murderer and war criminal.

MBS was reportedly arranging a non-official trip to the UK and France, but since these two EU countries believe domestic and international criticism of MBS may entail detrimental repercussions for them if they accept to officially receive MBS.

Aside from refusing to welcome MBS, the United States, Saudi Arabia’s closest backer and the staunch ally has openly designated MBS as a “persona non grata”. MBS has also been given the epithet “a mad butcher” after the release of a series of confidential US intelligence files on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a renowned Saudi journalist, and dissident who was murdered at the behest of MBS and his body parts dismembered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul 2 October 2018.

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