'Palestine Must Be Erased': A Times of Israel article calling for genocide

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'Palestine Must Be Erased': A Times of Israel article calling for genocide

An article appeared on Thursday in the popular Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel, openly calling for the genocide of the Palestinian people.

While the piece appears to have been removed from the blog section of the website, it is still accessible via the Internet Archive digital library.  

The article listed Chicago blogger Jeffrey Camras as the author, described in the biography as having a "deep love for the Jewish people and the state of Israel."

“To right a wrong, to make peace and move forward, Palestine must be obliterated,” Camras wrote, adding: “It is an affront to society, to morality, to humanity. It represents lies and anti-Semitism, oppression and terror. Nothing more".

He also wrote: “No one cares about the Palestinians. The cure for them exists solely in the form of anti-Israel advocacy, NOT pro-Palestinian support.

“Israel (and you reader) needs to put her faith in the Torah and Hashem to fulfill our destiny. Establishing sovereignty over Har HaBayit. Do it today! Conquer the remaining Biblical lands in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Do it diplomatically or militarily."

In a previous article – also on the Times of Israel page – entitled “A Halachic Solution Is a Diplomatic Solution”, also published in the blog section of The Times of Israel, on April 18, Camras wrote: “To change the trajectory of the Palestinian, we must transform the conflict from a national one to a religious one".

The latest article was published on Thursday afternoon, around the same time that thousands of Israeli Jewish extremists took part in a provocative parade in the occupied Palestinian city of East Jerusalem, chanting racist slogans such as "death to Arabs".

It is not clear when the article was removed from the website, but according to the version of the piece consulted by the Palestine Chronicle in the Internet Archive digital library, the entry was published on Thursday, May 18 at 3:32 pm.

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