Paris, invaded by radicalization

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Paris, invaded by radicalization

“A page from a book” is the name of a short program that has been broadcast for years on Iranian television channel 4. The Sunday evening edition of this program was devoted to the author Pierre Conesa and his book “Le Lobby saoudien en France” published in 2015 by Éditions Denoël.

“Agrégé in History, former senior official at the Ministry of Defence, president of the French Association for Aid to Victims of Terrorism (AfVT) and author of a report on the policy of counter-radicalization in France, Pierre Conesa is categorical: Europe cannot deal with radicalization without questioning its policy”, this is what a video published on the DailyMotion site, as part of the “All Europe” program, already teaches us. And it is again this theme of “radicalization” that is presented in the Iranian TV show, intended for reading enthusiasts.

“No charges have been brought against Saudi Arabia following the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Intelligence Committee of the United States House of Representatives has extremely confidential documents including a 28-page report with the title “the debates, the discoveries and the underside of sensitive events from a national security point of view” and all this information was classified for 15 years as a “secret defense”. »

The book adds that the House report discusses, among other things, Saudi Arabia’s role in the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. “The report on the attacks of September 11, censored under the supervision of the Senate Information Committee, was published in 2002; however, the Democratic Senator from Florida, Bob Graham, did not conceal at the time his astonishment to see the Bush administration asking for discretion regarding Saudi Arabia for so-called security reasons”.

This discretion on the pretext of security reasons has been maintained in recent years by US governments, according to author Pierre Conesa who again refers to Senator Graham to say: The report exposes the direct role of Saudi Arabia in the financing of the September 11 attacks. 19 suicidal elements were involved in the attacks, and who had received financial aid from various Saudi institutions.

According to the author, long years of “troubled relations” between Paris and Riyadh have made the Saudis no longer worry about the reaction of French governments; from Riyadh’s perspective, the French governments are supposed to know the Saudi interpretation of their slightest gesture in reaction to the measures taken by the Kingdom; “In other words, we have guaranteed them that whatever they do, the Saudis, they can count on immunity from us”, specifies Pierre Conesa.

“They [the Saud] continue to support al-Qaeda; in addition they have provided ideological and financial aid to the terrorist group Daesh”, affirms Pierre Conesa, before concluding that Paris is getting carried away by radicalization, to avoid facing reality.

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