Pollution of millions of hectares of farmland in the United States

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Pollution of millions of hectares of farmland in the United States

American researchers have warned of the contamination of millions of hectares of agricultural land in the United States by toxic pesticides. According to a news agency, new US tests show that some food pesticides widely used in agricultural fields are contaminated with "levels of toxic chemicals" and are very dangerous to humans.

These supplements contain toxic substances called "persistent chemicals" (PFAS) and some of these substances can cause cancer. The US Environmental Protection Agency has not previously reported the presence of PFAS in pesticides, despite the discovery of these chemicals in non-food products.

Researchers are warning of the potential for millions of hectares of farmland to be contaminated by the poisonous substance and are calling for faster and tougher regulatory action in this regard. Last week, American researchers sent test results to the US Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and asked them to remove the use of these products from consumer baskets until the pollution problem is resolved.

US food testing has shown that 3 out of 7 agricultural pesticides in the US contain persistent chemicals, some of which are widely used.The new test results highlight the ongoing disagreement between federal regulators and independent researchers over how much US agricultural pesticides are contaminated with toxic and hazardous chemicals and how to respond to the problem.

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