Sicily towards the general strike of workers

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Sicily towards the general strike of workers

The Unione Sindacale di Base has announced a national general strike proclaimed for 26 May in Palermo with a demonstration, procession and garrison in Piazza Indipendenza, in front of the Palazzo della Presidenza della Regione. “Put down the weapons and raise the wages“, is the slogan of the general strike of May 26th. USB Sicily calls on workers and exploited men and women to build a struggle movement on our island on the French model, against the policies of the Meloni government that crush the weakest families, to ask for wage increases of at least 300 euros net in payroll , 32 hours of work for equal wages, wages linked to real inflation, minimum wage €10 per hour, retirement age 62 with a minimum pension of €.1000, stabilization of precarious workers, 1 million stable hirings and reinternationalization of services .

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