Sudan: Dagalo paramilitaries threaten to hit the dams on the Nile

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Sudan: Dagalo paramilitaries threaten to hit the dams on the Nile

The Sudanese Rapid Support Forces (RSF), the Sudanese paramilitary militias led by General Mohamed Hamsan "Hemeti" Dagalo have threatened to hit the dams on the Nile River, in response to raids launched by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). This was reported by local sources, according to which the Roseires dam, with reserves equal to 7 billion cubic meters of water, is among the objectives of the RSF. In particular, it was the leaders of the Sudanese mercenaries Janjaweed, allies of the RSF, who sent messages to prominent Sudanese politicians in which they threatened to strike the entire infrastructure. For Abbas Sharaki, a professor of water resources at Cairo University, targeting the dams represents a "suicide operation" as well as a possible "catastrophe" for those who benefit from these infrastructures. In fact, explained the Egyptian professor, operations of this type could endanger the lives of thousands of people, causing a wave of famine and destroying homes near the Nile. This is why, said Sharaki, the international community should pay more attention to the ongoing conflict in Sudan, given the repercussions on food security at the regional level. As the Cairo University professor recalls, already in 2020 the collapse of a dam in Sudan, considered weak and with dilapidated structures, had led to the displacement of thousands of Sudanese and the destruction of 600 homes.

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