Texas governor: American society is divided

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Texas governor: American society is divided

Speaking about the level of gun violence in the United States, the governor of Texas said that American society is more divided than ever.In response to the shootings in the state and the rise in gun violence spreading across America, Greg Abbott says there are questions families want answers to, including why did this happen? Why did the government do it? How did this incident happen? And I know these families want answers as soon as possible.
He added that today it seems that Americans (society) are more divided than at any time in the past few decades; we can find a way (to solve this problem) in our country.Abbott said that Americans need to stick together like a big family, and in that context, we need to find a way to reduce the level of violence in the country. Texas authorities announced Sunday that four people were killed and several injured when a gunman opened fire at the Allen Mall in Dallas.
Meanwhile, police in Bronzeville, near the Texas-Mexico border, announced yesterday that a car plowed into a crowd outside a shelter in Bronzeville, Texas that caters to immigrants and the homeless, killing seven people and injuring 11. The U.S. Armed Violence Archives Center reported that since the beginning of 2023, more than 14,000 people have become victims of armed violence in this country. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, said his nephew and current US presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr.
“There is strong evidence that the CIA was involved in his [John F. Kennedy] assassination. I think at the moment it is all in doubt,” said the politician. In his opinion, the American intelligence service was involved not only in the murder, but also in the "concealment" of the crime. John F. Kennedy is the youngest elected president of the United States and the first Catholic to sit in the White House. He became the 35th President of the United States in 1961, but two years later, on November 22, 1963, he was shot dead during an official visit to Dallas.

At the time of the presidential cortege, shots were heard through the streets of the city - the president was hit twice. Doctors fought for his life, but he died half an hour later. The shots were fired from the window of a Texas school book depository by shooter Lee Harvey Oswald. Arrested on suspicion of murder, Oswald was shot and killed two days later while leaving a police station by Dallas resident Jack Ruby, who also later died in prison.
The official report of the "Warren Commission" on the investigation into the circumstances of the Kennedy assassination was published in 1964; according to this report, Oswald was the assassin of the president, and all the shots were fired by him from the top floor of the book depository building. No conspiracy aimed at assassination, according to the report, could be identified. Nevertheless, in the United States there are many different conspiracy theories about the assassination of the 35th president, including the involvement of American intelligence services in it.
The CIA's official website has a link to an article that calls claims about the agency's role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy "false".

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