The Definition Of Truth Has Changed In The Age Of Trump

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The Definition Of Truth Has Changed In The Age Of Trump

Two years after the 9.11 incident in 2003, the words “end game” were on everybody’s daily used words. Now, 17 years later the world has been forcefully acknowledging that the Western war on Iraq and Afghanistan has still not ended.

The unlawful assassination of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani is not part of a “new” war on Iran - it is the continuation of an “old” war on Iraq and an ancient invasion of the middle east by the western powers.

However, tricking the public into believing that there may be a “new war” with Iran allows the United States to avoid reckoning with the Iraqi proofs of their illegal irresponsibility, insincerity, and savagery. Seeking a new confrontation with Iran is essentially the egregious historical continuation of Washington’s multi-century policy of, invading the next Indian tribe.

But the story doesn’t end here.

Every American agrees on the fact that the Vietnam War changed the very essence of American democracy. Certainly, Soleimani’s assassination is the most shocking terror act in many years, and thus it fundamentally changes and enhances the way the Iraq War is tailoring the very nature of American democracy.

If World War II to many Americans genuinely was all about fighting against fascism and white supremacy, the Vietnam war certainly was not.

The nationwide rejection of this fanatically ideological war ultimately only produced a cultural revolution in every aspect of American society. But, there was no political revolution because there was no will among the Washington political elite and no reform of institutions that had proven to lack a democratic direction.

However, if Vietnam resulted in the public’s open and persistent rejection to believe their government’s lies, the Iraq War will prove to have been when the ordinary people keep this same rational skepticism.

The Iraq War led the way to a new culture of lying for America, where the American people knew they were devouring fake news, and the news outlets knew that their listeners knew their claims were falsehoods, but there was an untold collective consensus to keep spreading the fake news by any means.

This is the way which led to the situation where a hero like Gen. Soleimani - who had bravely and unequivocally fought the terrorists in Iraq and Syria is publicly accused of being a “terrorist” by the terrorist state of America.

In the Vietnam era, the American people said “en masse” that they don’t believe bullshit like this, but the Iraq War has shaken the very foundations of American democracy. Most Americans say they believe the fake news but they are scared of confessing they don’t.

To claim that the American public truly believes the endless stream of fake news after 9/11 is to take for granted that Americans are either fool or mentally retarded, and neither is the case: people know they are poorly governed but they fear they don’t have the means to stand against the injustice of their leaders.

Therefore, just as they were tricked into supporting a war with Iraq in 2003 even though it was based on fake news, the Washington elite and US Deep State are fixing their eyes on starting a war with Iran based on more absurd lies, such as the illegal assassination of an international hero under the pretext of being a “terrorist”.

Nowadays, citizens of the world know America’s modern discourse: The Washington swamp creatures defines a terrorist as “someone who defies the will of Washington elites and Wall Street moguls. So it doesn’t matter if you’re an Iranian, Iraqi, a freelance journalist like Julian Assange, or whistleblower like Edward Snowden - oppose US neo-imperialism and neoliberalism and you will be targeted as a threat to Americans.

Certainly, the ordinary people of the US realize this obvious theme to this pejorative, absurdly fake news against an internationally admired figure, but after all, we saw in 2020, can we expect the truth from the American public anymore

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