The king of Jordan advocates a NATO in the Middle East? It won’t happen

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The king of Jordan advocates a NATO in the Middle East? It won’t happen

The formation of a joint Arab military force was an idea that was proposed seven decades ago, shortly after the establishment of the fake Zionist regime, but it was never realised. In 2011, following the dramatic events in the Arab world that became known as the “Arab Spring,” the old idea was revived again by the United States.
However, the initiative of an Arab NATO was abandoned due to Washington and its allies’ abject failure to overthrow the democratically-elected Syrian government and the Syrian Army’s victory over US-backed terrorism.
To the delight of several reactionary Arab regimes, particularly Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the plan was brought back to life under Donald Trump’s administration. However, the addition of Israel’s leadership into the envisaged alliance made a significant difference.
According to political commentators, the formation of the Arab NATO is essentially an American-Zionist scheme to curb Iran’s influence in the Middle East and curtail the power of the Iranian-backed Axis of Resistance.
Since the impediments that stand in the way of the formation of an Arab-Israeli NATO have never been removed, the viability of such an alliance is considered to be nothing more than a castle in the air. However, the idea was recently raised by the King Abdullah of Jordan and on the eve of US President Joe Biden’s imminent visit to the region.
Last Thursday, king Abdullah II emphasized the possibility of forming a military alliance in the Middle East akin to NATO. He also added that the prospect of such a military partnership ought to be extremely clear.
In an interview with the American network CNBC, King Abdullah declared that he would favour the formation of a military alliance similar to NATO in the Middle East, so long as this project is realised with the cooperation of nations with common interests. It must be mentioned that Jordan cooperates closely with NATO and has been a partner of the western alliance for decades.
Abdullah II added, “I would want to see other countries in the region join this alliance, and Jordan will be one of the first countries to support the formation of a Middle Eastern NATO.” The unfolding events that have taken place in the Middle East over the last several months increase the relevance of King Jordan’s remarks. Meanwhile, a few days ago, Israel’s alternate prime minister, Benjamin Gantz, revealed plans to form a US-supported military alliance with “regional allies.”
The Jordanian monarch’s remarks regarding the formation of a Middle East NATO are neither intended to confront Israel nor to liberate occupied Palestine. Instead, this imaginary NATO is in line with the malicious agendas of the Zionist regime and aims to place Tel Aviv at its centre. In conclusion, there is a widespread consensus amongst experts that the so-called Middle East NATO, if realised, is nothing more than an advanced stage of the disgraceful Abraham Accords.

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