Trump: Biden brings the world closer to nuclear war

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Trump: Biden brings the world closer to nuclear war

The President of Brazil considered it necessary to hold a UN meeting on the military situation in Ukraine before a high-level meeting of this organization, which will be held in September.According to the TASS agency, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said during a press conference on Monday: "For all 5 months that I have been the President of Brazil, no one has invited me to participate in a UN meeting to discuss the war in Ukraine."

"We can change the time of the meeting of the UN General Assembly, which usually takes place in September, to discuss the war in Ukraine for June or July in this world organization," he added.According to da Silva, it is inappropriate to discuss the situation in Ukraine in the G7 or G20 format, the importance of this issue requires its discussion in the UN Security Council.

According to the TASS agency, the President of Brazil has previously stated that Russia is the guarantor of long-term peace throughout the world. Da Silva previously proposed creating a new international format in order to create opportunities for dialogue between Moscow and Kiev and expressed his readiness to act as an intermediary in direct negotiations between the presidents of the conflicting parties, writes TASS. The Brazilian President also said that he would not send weapons to Ukraine, despite pressure from the United States.

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