Two migrants found dead on a beach in southern Spain

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Two migrants found dead on a beach in southern Spain

The bodies of two drowned migrants were found this morning on a beach in Adra, a town in the province of Almería (southern Spain): according to the Efe news agency, quoting local authorities. These two people would have lost their lives as they tried to swim to the coast, after the smugglers with whom they traveled from North Africa along with other migrants made them get off the boat they were on into the sea, according to Spanish investigators.

In total, 132 people disembarked in Adra in the morning, said the delegate of the central government in the area, José María Martín. In the meantime, reports the Efe agency, a boat with 154 people on board reached independently El Hierro, one of the Canary Islands. Rescuers and local authorities are observing that arrivals of boats capable of carrying such a large number of people, usually infrequent, have been increasing in recent weeks.

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