UNHCR: 400,000 refugees have fled since the start of the war in Sudan

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UNHCR: 400,000 refugees have fled since the start of the war in Sudan

More than 400,000 Sudanese refugees have fled Sudan to neighboring countries since the conflict began on 15 April. This is what was declared by the assistant to the High Commissioner of the United Nations for refugees, Raouf Mazou, according to which the conflict has triggered a crisis that will have repercussions on the security and economy of the region. 

"The impact of this crisis on South Sudan is multiple: there is a very serious economic impact because a large part of the northern part of South Sudan depended a lot on the economy of Sudan," the official said speaking to the press in Geneva, recalling that around 7,000 registered refugees have entered South Sudan since the start of the conflict in Sudan, including 3,500 Sudanese refugees, 2,600 Ethiopians, 1,800 Eritreans and the rest of other nationalities. "So, this is a regional crisis that has security repercussions, but also very important economic repercussions," Mazou continued, adding that Chad also faces similar concerns.

Since the conflict began in Sudan in April, refugees have fled across the border into South Sudan, most of them repatriated South Sudanese who are now returning to the country from which they were forced to flee. According to the UN, the number of new arrivals in South Sudan in the last week has exceeded the 100,000 mark.

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