Washington’s Bioterrorism Campaign Against the World: A Concise Overview

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Washington’s Bioterrorism Campaign Against the World: A Concise Overview

Despite the continuing use of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in many conflicts, modern combat tactics evolve with time and become severely hazardous. Even though international rules are stringent in this respect, certain governments are searching for more cost-effective ways to achieve their nefarious objectives in mass extermination. Bioterrorism is a type of unconventional weapon, tool, or warfare strategy that has emerged as one of the most dangerous weapons in contemporary warfare. The adversary achieves its objectives by infecting humans, animals, and plants with a variety of microorganisms, resulting in widespread epidemics with high death rates. Food bioterrorism is also a method of infecting or poisoning humans through the food supply chain. Many historical examples illustrate how governments have used bioterrorism to reach their goals, especially those with colonial histories. In recent years, AIDS-infected blood has become a hot topic. Mereo, a French pharmaceutical company, shipped HIV-infected coagulation factors to several countries, including Iran, for use by haemophilia patients in the early 1980s. Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Iraq were also among the countries that were affected by this horrific pogrom. When the scandal broke across the world, the French government’s atrocious misconduct was blamed on various economic factors. Despite Mereo’s CEO admitting guilt, the business seems to be running well today. In the United States, bioterrorism has a long history. Biological pathogen experiments on Americans were conducted until the 1970s. Hundreds of millions of indigenous Americans perished as a consequence of smallpox-infected blankets. Ebola outbreaks in Africa and typhoid epidemics in North Korea have both been linked to vector insects created in US labs. Furthermore, though Yemenis have been fighting against Washington-backed terrorists since 2014, we’ve witnessed 32,000 tonnes of American rotten wheat shipped to poor refugees in Yemen under the pretext of humanitarian aid. Venezuela, which has long been under US sanctions, is another target for American bioterrorism. Venezuela’s ambassador to Russia revealed that expired medicine and food were included in the aid convoy that the United States delivered to Venezuela during a recent interview. “I have to admit that the United States has provided us supplies that have not been adequately examined. According to our sources, the aid was nothing but expired food and medicine,” the Venezuelan ambassador to Russia stated. Despite its dark history of human rights abuses and the use of bioterrorism against other nations, the United States has been spreading the COVID-19 pandemic to collect more money for its dirty vaccine industry. Dr Boyd Graves, who published an eye-opening book on the involvement of the American pharmaceutical giant “Pfizer” in the government’s racial genocide against the African-American community, mysteriously died of HIV/AIDS-infected blood in 2001. That intrepid author, who the FBI murdered on his 56th birthday for exposing the American Pfizer mafia as a source of AIDS and cancer, was a vital whistleblower who had prognosticated the development of COVID-19 two decades earlier. In his publications and lectures before the world’s Corona epidemic, Dr Graves exposed the Pfizer mafia and a top-secret genocidal plot targeting coloured Americans in the United States and against African people. According to his research, Pfizer, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), is one of the executive arms of the US federal government involved in biological warfare programmes. Pfizer conspired with the WHO to mass-produce millions of supposed litres of free smallpox, hepatitis, influenza, and polio vaccinations for African children, which in fact contained AIDS viruses, according to Dr Graves’ book. Based on incontrovertible evidence, he divulged the Pentagon’s ‘Special Virus programme’, which started in 2001.

Despite their disgraced pasts, US pharmaceutical companies are producing and marketing the vaccine while there is sufficient evidence that strange foreign substances were used in the vaccine vials. According to a BBC storey, 1.5 million doses of the COVID-19 shots were sent from Spain to Japan, and after the sudden surge of the patients who contracted the COVID-19, the Japanese pharmaceutical company Tadka discovered strange foreign chemicals in the vials that were distributed. consequently, Japan has indicated that it will select other countries to import the vaccine now that the present American immunisation has been suspended.

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