What valuable lessons can we learn from the Arbaeen march?

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What valuable lessons can we learn from the Arbaeen march?

Arbaeen is the epitome of a life endowed with liberty, dignity, and defiance against oppression and tyranny. Imam Hussein is indeed the liberator of humanity from all mundane concerns, whose shining path teaches sacrifice and altruism, particularly in today’s world, which is embroiled in wars and atrocities.
Every year, during the Arbaeen, millions of Muslims step into the scorched deserts of Iraq to better appreciate the dreadful hardships endured by the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Household during the epic battle of Karbala.
The essence of Arbaeen is the congregation of devotees of Imam Hussein (AS) under the lofty banner of unity, to remind them that freedom was what Imam Hussein (AS) had bequeathed to us. In the Arbaeen procession, manifestations of compassion and virtuosity are readily seen in every corner.
During Arbaeen, an Iraqi demonstrated the virtues that Imam Hussein sought to promote among his followers when he employed every amenity at his disposal to provide comfort and relief to a fellow Iranian Muslim brother.
When the Iraqi host trusts strange pilgrims from Iran or Lebanon, he invites them ardently to his house without asking for anything in return. He demonstrates the ethics that Imam Hussein expects from us.
When a person does not hesitate to assist others by whatever means, even if it is merely making a makeshift shade for a disabled pilgrim sitting on a wheelchair, he too understands the Imam’s instructions.
During the Arbaeen, one may see devotees of Imam Hussein from all sects and religions serving side-by-side in the spectacular Arbaeen procession. It is as though they all adhere to the same religion.
Sunnis, Christians, and members of other sects take part in this spiritual journey. Numerous rest booths [the Mowkebs] along the dusty route between Najaf and Karbala are staffed by Christians and Yazidi Kurds, who sincerely serve Shiite pilgrims. Hence, whenever we talk about compassion and humanity, we must recall the saga of Karbala.
During the season of the Arbaeen, an entirely novel and unique way of life emerges that transcends all religions and racial and ethnic differences.
An infinite sea of pilgrims during the Arbaeen march is a reminder of the strength and solidarity of Muslims, and what distinguishes this spectacular socio-religious movement is the ultimate sense of brotherhood and solidarity. Pilgrims flock to Karbala to renew their pledge of allegiance to Imam Hussain and his progeny, the twelfth Imam, Imam Mahdi [may God hasten his arrival].

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