When will America learn that the freedom to carry weapons is costing more lives?

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When will America learn that the freedom to carry weapons is costing more lives?

The majority of American politicians and lobbying members of Congress worship a pantheon of modern gods, the most potent of which is the lucrative sale of assault weapons. Therefore, it is not surprising that the word “violence” is now linked with American society more than any other nation.
Violence, in all of its manifestations, has become the pattern in the everyday lives of Americans, who are used to it day and night.
Numerous academic studies imply that the United States has become the world epicentre of armed violence due to the prevalence of violent lifestyles in American culture.
According to a June 2018 study, Americans own 393,3 million small firearms (including military weapons), or 120,5 per 100 people.
Due to illicit transactions and unregistered firearms, the precise number of weapons accessible to American citizens cannot be determined. However, according to “The Small Arms Survey,” the United States alone has 393 million of the 857 million firearms available to civilians worldwide.
Unfortunately, owning and carrying weapons is firmly entrenched in American culture, a scenario that is alarmingly deteriorating as horrific mass shootings have occurred across the nation since the beginning of 2022.
The tragedy created by social violence in the form of public shootings is not confined to the deaths of innocent victims but also includes serious psychological trauma for those present at the moment of the catastrophe.
In fact, 58% of Americans have witnessed a gun shooting in public or at home at some point in their lives.
The latest school shootings in Texas serve as a sobering reminder of the violence that has lately afflicted American students. This appalling tragedy was one of the most heinous mass shootings in recent American history.
Furthermore, 3 million American schoolchildren are exposed to gun violence each year. These statistics illustrate the grim realities of a declining American culture.
These figures demonstrate that, despite the United States’ relentless attempts to destabilise global security, American society is now in the midst of a full-blown security crisis. A crisis in which the enemies are ordinary, albeit incensed, citizens who freely carry guns and perpetrate horrendous atrocities.
School shootings, and the outrageous killings of unarmed African-American citizens by the police, are all bitter realities of everyday life in America, which once was a land of dreams and opportunity.
Another calamity that has engulfed US society is the country’s pervasive racial prejudice and violence, which are concomitant with the country’s continuous economic collapse and mass shootings, which have left the country in a state of collective hopelessness and anguish.
The ordinary white American is completely unaware of the deplorable circumstances in which many black citizens live.
Many black Americans now reside in the impoverished suburbs of major cities, where they protest regulations that disproportionately influence their socioeconomic circumstances.
Nothing has changed dramatically in the United States since the abolition of slavery as racial prejudice persists and African-American communities continue to dreadfully suffer. For example, in most cases, an African American is believed guilty until proven innocent.
According to surveys, racism against black people persists unabated among both religious and secular white Americans.
Racist attitudes and attitudes are ubiquitous across all levels of American society, including the country’s intellectual elites and political leaders.
Politicians like Donald Trump or his former campaign manager and senior adviser, Steve Benn, have strong racial leanings.
This abhorrent phenomenon is widespread in a variety of social settings, including colleges and universities, service centres, hospitals, schools, and marketplaces.

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