Who was Martyr Hassan Irloo, Iran’s hero ambassador to Yemen?

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Who was Martyr Hassan Irloo, Iran’s hero ambassador to Yemen?

Martyr Irloo, a chemical warfare veteran of the Iran-Iraq war, contracted COVID-19 while serving as Iran’s envoy to Sanaa. Unfortunately, owing to Saudi Arabia’s deliberately delayed coordination, he was forced to return to Iran under complicated circumstances. Despite all medical treatment, he was finally martyred by the grace of God. Hassan Irloo, a well-known Arabian Peninsula specialist and diplomat with a long career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was born in the city of Shahr-e-Rey in 1958. At the onset of the crisis in Yemen in 2015, Mr. Irloo served as the head of the Yemeni desk at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the coordinator of Iran’s humanitarian aid to Yemen, dispatching relief aircraft and rescue vessels and later delivering aid with UN coordination. Irloo was Yemen’s Deputy Special Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2015 until 2020. Finally, Mr. Irloo was appointed as the Islamic Republic of Iran’s new ambassador to Yemen on October 27, 2020, after presenting his credentials to Hisham Sharaf, Yemen’s National Salvation Government’s Foreign Minister. He also handed his credentials to Mehdi Mashat, the Chairman of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council. Following Mr. Irloo’s designation as the new Iranian Ambassador to Yemen, Yemeni official media outlets published the following priorities for the late Iranian Ambassador:

Working with the international community and friendly nations to lift the oppressive blockade and provide the basic necessities to the Yemeni people, defending Yemen’s territorial integrity and national unity, and rejecting foreign and colonial conspiracies to destabilise Yemen and meddle in the country. Using international organisations to avert, mitigate, and end Yemen’s war miseries, death, and destruction; encouraging tribes and political organisations to settle conflicts through Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue; emphasising the importance of restoring security and stability in Yemen and stopping military intervention and imposing colonial agendas in Yemen; and delivering food and medicine to millions of defenceless Yemeni civilians.The Irloo family’s enormous sacrifices, which included heroes from the Iran-Iraq war to their most recent martyr, Haj Hassan Irloo, boosted the Yemeni people’s persistence and morale against the Saudi invasion. Mr. Irloo was participating in a variety of Yemeni initiatives aimed at assisting the Yemeni people in their struggle against the Saudi-Zionist coalition.

As part of the Axis of Resistance, Irloo did take significant efforts in support of the Yemeni people and their lofty aspirations. His martyrdom shall be remembered as a magnificent sacrifice for the Yemeni resistance, which has supported the Islamic Ummah’s primary cause, which is the liberation of Palestine with Iran’s earnest backing. During the Islamic Revolution, Mr. Irloo and his family persevered in the face of adversity. The martyrdom of Hassan’s two brothers, Hussein and Asghar Irloo, during the Holy Defense War illustrates this fact. On March 16, 1985, while returning from a major operation in the east of the Tigris, General Hossein Irloo was martyred. In the Fakkeh area on May 2, 1986, Asghar Irloo, named after Hazrat Ali Asghar, was also martyred. Both martyrs’ bodies were never discovered. Hassan Irloo was purportedly injured in a bombardment by Saudi coalition aircraft in Yemen and martyred in Tehran after being evacuated to Iran, according to multiple media reports. This claim, however, proved to be false, as credible evidence obtained from well-informed sources at the hospital where he was admitted revealed that this honourable martyr had not been injured in any way by the Saudi coalition bombings, and that his martyrdom was caused by COVID-19 disease and the complication of his previous chemical injuries to Iran for urgent medical attention was denied by Saudi officials, leading to his martyrdom. Irloo will continue to be the voice of the Yemeni nation.

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