Why is the US Army moving its base from Qatar to Jordan?

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Why is the US Army moving its base from Qatar to Jordan?

The infamous presence of American troops in the Middle East is one of the alarming security concerns confronting the international community. As the United States withdraws its troops from Afghanistan in response to the Taliban’s lightning advances, different measures have been taken to find the ideal location for a new American military base in the Middle East. Given the current regional circumstances, Washington seeks to relocate its troops and equipment from Qatar to Jordan. The United States’ surprise decision to move its military installations to Jordan reveals a new American military strategy in the Middle East: Jordan will serve as the new headquarters for American soldiers and heavy equipment in the West Asia area. The establishment of a new military base in Jordan and the relocation of heavy equipment and American troops stationed in Qatar are intended to deter attacks by the Iraqi resistance and to avert the missile strikes on “Ain al-Assad” airbase in western Iraq, as it happened before in retaliation for the martyrdom of the IRGC’s top General Qassem Soleimani. Jordan is one of the US’ major regional allies, as shown by King Abdullah II’s recent visit to Washington and meeting with Biden, as well as Biden’s remarks on Jordan’s significance in the broader American foreign policy. There are reports that in July, US military authorities announced the closure of al-Sailiya airfield, a key US facility in Qatar, and that F-16 Fighting Falcon squadrons had been moved to Jordan. Al-Sailiya serves as a rest stop for American military personnel, providing four days of vacation for the approximately 200,000 soldiers stationed there. From 2002 through 2011, American troops returning from Iraq and Syria freely drank beer and wine, played golf, and went to the beach as part of the program. During the US wars in the Middle East, Al-Sailiya also functioned as an American Army supply depot, with 27 warehouses holding tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other weaponry. There are questions, however, as to whether the United States will use its newly built Jordanian military base to undertake operations against the Iraqi and Syrian resistance. “Closing al-Sailiya and moving its equipment to Jordan is a desperate attempt to save American troops in the region rather than setting the basis for hostile measures against Iran’s supporters,” claims a national security expert with the Global Pulse Center in Washington. Another possible explanation for Washington’s contentious decision to move its military sites to Jordan is to support the Zionist regime, particularly in light of the Israeli army’s repeated failures in Lebanon and occupied Palestine over the last two decades. According to observers, America’s military presence in Jordan will bolster the Zionist regime’s security and enable Saudi-backed ISIS terrorists to carry out more deadly attacks against the Syrian government, which is a crucial step in the aftermath of the Zionist army’s setbacks in the previous war in the Gaza strip.

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