Will Algeria equip the Polisario with Iranian drones to combat Moroccan occupiers in the Western Sahara?

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Will Algeria equip the Polisario with Iranian drones to combat Moroccan occupiers in the Western Sahara?

In its decades-long  attrition war against Morocco’s occupation of the Western Sahara, the Polisario Front will soon receive combat drones with diverse offensive capabilities. The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic’s (SADR) Minister of Interior, Omar Mansour, broke the news during an interview on the margins of his official visit to Nouakchott, Mauritania.
Polisario has battled for independence in a vast parched region since the departure of Spanish coslonialists, and its government in exile demands independence for the local population.
After sixteen years of guerilla warfare, Morocco and Polisario agreed in 1991 to hold a referendum in the area to determine whether it should be independent or incorporated into Morocco.
However, following the normalisation of ties with the Zionist regime, the former US administration agreed to recognise Morocco’s sovereignty over disputed territory.
These state-of-the-art attack drones, purportedly manufactured in Iran and delivered through Algeria, will tip the scales in favour of the Polisario in Western Sahara, despite Tel Aviv has for a long time provided huge amounts of military, technological, and intelligence backing for the tyrannical dictatorship in Rabat.
Mansour vehemently criticised Morocco for deploying Israeli-made drones to slaughter Sahrawi, Mauritanian, and Algerian civilians, adding that the incorporation of Sahrawi UAVs will have no implication on civilian populations.  This is in contrast to the heinous crime perpetrated by Morocco a few months ago following drone strikes on merchants and civilian vehicles.
Meanwhile, Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Nasser Bourita, who was fuming over the Polisario Front’s acquisition of high-tech drones, claimed during a press briefing held on Monday that the Iranian government is the main sponsor of Polisario, which according to him may jeopardise regional stability.
Yet the Moroccan head of diplomacy failed to mention that years of Moroccan occupation afflicted civilians with endless agony, anguish, and displacement.
In early September, Karimi-Ghodousi, a senior member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in the Iranian parliament, said that Iran generously provides drones for each “oppressed” country that needs them, citing Islamic teachings that mandate assisting the weak and downtrodden Muslim nations.
Iran has unequivocally expressed its support for the Polisario Front, as the legitimate representative of the Sahrawi nation, at the United Nations. In this regard, the first adviser to Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations, Mohammad Reza Sahraei, reiterated last March that Tehran is committed to the Sahrawi people’s right to self-determination, urging Morocco to immediately cease its violations of human rights in occupied parts of Western Sahara.
In response to Bourita’s ranting, Nasser Kanani, spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said yesterday that Morocco should be mindful of and accountable for the instability that plagued the region’s nations as a consequence of normalisation of ties with the apartheid Zionist regime.
The outrageous accusations from Rabat came in the wake of a shocking revelation that the Moroccan government had procured 150 Israeli drones of the WanderB and ThunderB types developed by the Zionist BlueBird Aero Systems Company.
sThis deal will enable Morocco to join the expanding list of its drone arsenal, according to Infodron, a Spanish news service. The Spanish news source noted that the Moroccan drone units are intended for both ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) missions and military operations.

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