Callection poster: The Islamic Revolution From the West Viewpoint 3

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Prof. Udo Steinbach, heads the MENA Study Centre at the Maecenata Foundation: Imam Khomeini was the individual who first realized the principles of the tendency towards Islamic foundations in the form of an Islamic state (the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran), and he was the figure who mobilized the fundamentalist forces through an Islamic revolution against the pro-Western regime (the Shah's regime).

Prof. Ludwig Hagemann: Leaders of the Islamic Revolution in Tran, har despite being Shiites, and Shiites constitute only a low percentage of the global Muslim population, have never left any doubt that their revolution is neither a * Shiite revolution nor an Iranian revolution, but a unifying revolution of the Islamic Ummah.

Prof. Carsten Colpe: The Islamic Revolution and its leader (Imam) Khomeini, who put numerous Muslims living outside the Islamic world on the pathway to recovering their Islamic identity, are undoubtedly the initiators of a transnational Islamic movement having a transnational impact.

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