Collection of posters: A brief critique of the Holocaust

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The Holocaust, whether true or not, is a historical event that, like any other historical events, should be discussed and researched by researchers and its accuracy and various dimensions should be re-examined. Not to impose imprisonment and fines in Europe for denying it.

The important thing about the Holocaust is that it went from being a deliberate historical event to an untraceable political issue. In this way, its transformations became the basis of a major oppression imposed on the people of Palestine and the nation of Islam, while even if this crime had taken place, this people and this nation had no role in it.

If we assume that the claims of the proponents of the Holocaust are true, it means that Europeans have committed war crimes against millions of innocent people simply because of their religion, and therefore the Europeans themselves must pay the price for the crime they committed. But unfortunately the Europeans are not only not willing to pay any ransom in this regard; Rather, they have sacrificed a great and deep-rooted nation called Palestine.

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