Collection of posters: Zionism's motives for propagating the Holocaust

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1. Political motivation

From the Zionist point of view, the establishment of the state of Israel is a logical consequence of the oppression of the Jews in the Holocaust. Surprisingly, they want to prove themselves worthy of a government through the occurrence of imaginary incineration.

"The Holocaust is the main justification for the establishment of the state of Israel," said Moshe Zimmermann, head of the Department of German Studies at the Hebrew University of Al-Quds.

2. Economic motivation

The Zionists have pocketed billions of dollars so far with the Holocaust and lawsuits against Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, etc. For example, Deutsche Welle reported that Germany had pledged $ 800 million in compensation to Holocaust survivors by 2018.

3. Psychological motivation

The abuse of Human innate tendencies to support the oppressed is the simplest interpretation that can be considered the center of all activities of the Zionist movement during the twentieth century; A concept that has been very effective in establishing an illegitimate Zionist state in Palestine and consolidating its foundations, and by relying on this method, the Jews have been able to cover up all their crimes, lawlessness and extravagances all over the world.

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