The Arbaeen Walk is the largest community in history

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The Arbaeen Walk is the largest community in history

More than 20 million" people take part in the great Arbaeen march

A route of about 80 km which accommodates more than 20 million people on which pilgrims are moving towards a holy goal. And that is to reach at the holy place of their Imam and their leader namely Hazrat Hussein bin Ali PBUH

In the Arbaeen march people from "more than 40 nationalities" from different countries take part in the march

"More than 50 million meals" are distributed

daily During the Arbaeen Walk. In other words during this glorious march, 700 million meals" are prepared by the people and distributed free of charge

The Arbaeen marchers walk a distance of more than 80 kilometers, just to visit their Imam and Some participants in the march start walking from more distance

One of the most unprecedented things of the Arbaeen walk is to serving the general public Inviting pilgrims for food and drink, massaging their hands and feet relaxing in the rest area, washing clothes, are services which are provided without any charge

The presence of "different religions and denominations" in the Arbaeen March is glorious and amazing Ahle Sunnat, Christians, Yazidis, Zoroastrians etc

LTHE LARGEST GATHERING IN HISTORY The Arbaeen walk is a unique march. A great and historical gathering that is held every year during the Safar lunar month in Iraq and towards the city of Karbala which is unparalleled and unique in the whole world

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