A Time Bomb

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While most secular Israelis are required to serve in the army for three years, the Jewish ultra-Orthodox community, which today accounts for roughly 10 percent of Israel's population, has refused to do so since the establishment of the fraudulent Zionist regime. Zionists have faced 368 attacks by Palestinian youth in only one week, bringing the Haredi community’s exemption from military service into further focus.

Secular Israelis are outraged, as they believe the Haredim evade fulfilling their responsibilities to the state by receiving this special treatment. Due to Netanyahu's ascension to power, the formerly marginalized Haredi community has gained some sway in Israeli politics.

A bill exempting ultra-Orthodox Jews from military service has been drafted in the Knesset, but Netanyahu's cabinet is hesitant to unveil it for fear that it may backfire and ultimately explode like a time bomb. These days, Haredi Jews and their secular opponents, who have participated in the street campaigns over Netanyahu's controversial judicial reforms, can readily engage in violent confrontations against each other.

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