Beersheba, 2022, south of occupied Palestine
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Beersheba, 2022, south of occupied Palestine

Beersheba, 2022, south of occupied Palestine

The weapons depot of the Zionist army's base near Beersheba is almost empty, and its weapons have been stolen.

Despite the fact that four days had passed since the incident, facility personnel did not notice that the armaments had been stolen.

Zionist army chief of staff Aviv Kochavi was furious with the elite forces stationed at the base, as they were unable to avert the rampant theft of weapons and ammunition.

The Zionists claim that 15 million dollars' worth of stolen weapons are lost annually; however, Haaretz reports that there is no accurate figure and that the actual number of stolen weapons is far higher. Massive robberies from Zionist regime barracks have plagued the years 2021 and 2022.

Israel's response so far has mostly been relocating strategic weapons out of their northern bases. Critics argue that the decision poses a significant risk, particularly in volatile areas where conflict might break out at any time.

Zionists are most anxious about these weapons slipping into Palestinian hands. Thus, the worst nightmare of Zionist army leaders has come true: the sealing of weapons from army stores and the collaboration of disillusioned Israeli officers with the Palestinian resistance.


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