France is facing an economic disaster under Macron's policies
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France is facing an economic disaster under Macron's policies

Macron introduced the "France 2030" plan six months prior to the 2022 French presidential elections. He claimed that the primary objective of the initiative was to augment France's position vis-à-vis its industrial and technological rivals, namely the United States and China. Nevertheless, numerous commentators have pointed out that the aforementioned plan was merely an election-time manoeuvre. "France 2030" was estimated to cost tens of billions of euros. However, French citizens are more familiar with Macron's unfulfilled pledges and empty political rhetoric than his economic accomplishments. Since Macron's ascent to power in 2017, 100 factories have been closed every year. The latest figures indicate that a staggering 83,000 job opportunities in various industrial sectors have been lost, which is a severe blow to the ailing French economy. Moreover, the share of industries in France's GDP has been halved. In general, Macron's catastrophic policies resulted in a sharp decline in the French economy in comparison to other EU nations. Macron, the ex-banker and former Minister of Economy of the François Hollande administration, seems to be preoccupied with his own political agenda to the extent that he utterly ignores France's collapsing industries and economic sectors.

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