From the French police to the Saudi police

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From the French police to the Saudi police

Saudi Arabia and its aligned countries have been positioning themselves as the guardians of the land since the start of the Palestinian crisis.
They have worked to frame the Palestinian issue as a Sunni-Arab matter, diminishing the involvement of other Islamic nations.

However, in recent years, Saudi Arabia has shifted its stance towards Israel's objectives, especially after signing the controversial Ibrahim agreement.

As a country that views itself as the leader of the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia's actions during the Hajj, amidst the Gaza genocide, disrupts the ceremonies of the acquittal.

Ironically, social media users have compared the freedom to discuss Palestine at the Qatar World Cup to restrictions during the religious ceremonies of Hajj.

Saudi Arabia not only appears to have abandoned Palestine but also prevents pilgrims from expressing support for the cause.

Today, there seems to be little distinction between the Saudi police and the French police in suppressing pro-Palestine advocates.
This betrayal by the Saudi rulers in the face of Israel's actions in Gaza will not be forgotten by Muslims.
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