Spending Some Crazy Money
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Spending Some Crazy Money

Has it ever happened to you that your paycheck just rolled in and you have got some real money in your metaphorical pocket?
Well, what should you do with that extra money you have?
Should you spend it all on some new clothes, a new watch, some new shoes, perhaps some make-up or even a video game?
And if you're really well-off, you just might be a new car.
But is there another place where we need to be spending our money?
What place is that and what is at stake if we don't pay up?
Well, in this One Minute Wisdom, Sayyid Shahryar uses the wise words of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (A) to shed a little light on what we need to do with all that money we have in our metaphorical pockets.

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