The British Museums, the World's Greatest Storehouse of Stolen Artifacts

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With 8 million ancient artefacts and antiquities, the British Museum in central London is one of the world's finest museums.

These artefacts date from antiquity to the present day and were looted by the British government from all around the world.

The ancient artefacts of the West Asian area are among the most valuable in the British Museum's collection; they were stolen from Iran, Iraq, and other nations in the region.

The British Museum has more than 13,000 antiquities looted from Iran, including the Cyrus cylinder.

Recent reports indicate that the space available in British museums for housing artefacts is running short.

British cultural institutions have urged the government to establish a national repository to restore the new artifacts for the next 100 years.

Several nations want Britain to return their stolen historical artifacts.

After extensive negotiations, Nigeria was able to reclaim 72 antiques from the Horniman Museum in London last year.

According to Geoffrey Robertson, a distinguished human rights lawyer, British museums are the world's greatest storehouse of stolen artifacts.

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