The Greatest of All Prophets (S)
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The Greatest of All Prophets (S)

Countless blessings and congratulations be upon the believers all across the world and upon humanity in general, on the auspicious birth of the divinely appointed Messenger of Allah, the holy Prophet Muhammad (S).
Who is the most superior of all divine Messengers (A)?
And how is Prophet Muhammad (S) superior to Prophet Musa (A)?
What phrase did Prophet Musa (A) say when he requested Allah for help?
And what does the Messenger of Allah (S) say when the Mushrikeen were nearing the cave during the Hijrah and a companion of his was weeping loudly?
What was the ultimate focus of the Messenger of Allah (S)?
Finally, at what level was the Tawakkul, the reliance and trust of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) on Allah, as compared to the other divine Messengers and Prophets of Allah?
In this Scholar Clip, Sayyid Abbas Ayleya speaks about the virtues of the Messenger of Allah (S) and how the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) is "The Greatest of All Prophet (S)".

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