The Muslim Ummah Is One Ummah
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The Muslim Ummah Is One Ummah

Countless blessings and congratulations be upon the believers all across the world and upon humanity in general, on the auspicious birth of the divinely appointed Messenger of Allah, the holy Prophet Muhammad (S).
Who is the final Ummah of Allah upon this earth?
And who is the final Messenger of Allah?
What is the final testament sent to humanity by Allah?
What is one of the ways in which the holy Qur'an describes this final Ummah of Allah upon this earth?
And what is the banner under which all Ummah's will join together?
According to a sister who had reverted to Islam from Christianity, what is one of the beauties of Islam?
What are just a few of the commonalities between all the Muslims?
And why do differences come about?
In this Scholar Clips, Shaykh Hur Shabbiri answers and explains how all Muslims are united in the principles of Islam, a commonality that can bring about Muslim Unity on a global level.

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